Lubra Bend, Yarra Glen, Victoria
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Set in the Yarra Valley, sprawling wetlands meander across this 300+ acre property, assisting with fire safety and home to an abundance of wildlife. Requiring no mains water, storm water management systems sustain the vast network of billabongs, where a habitat corridor has been created linking the property to the Yarra River. Hand selected boulders showcase Nature’s sculptural brilliance.

The soul of the landscape is the lower billabong, which was transformed from an old disused tennis court. Stormwater run off is captured here, with overflow going directly back into the Yarra River, bordering the site.

Permeable winding gravels paths and stepping-stones invite exploration and also aid water capture. The entire landscape was built working with existing soil from the site. Sustainable mulches are created from composted green waste. Considerable land contouring has been done to increase water capture, retention and enhance overall aesthetics.