Armadale, Victoria
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Mid sized properties

The 1930’s Art Deco residence is beautifully juxtaposed against the natural landscape design. In contrast to surrounding gardens on the street, we realise the inherent beauty in our country’s native flora.

At the rear of the property, a sizeable waterfall presides over the billabong which is fed by storm water collected from the roof and tennis court. The use of indigenous aquatic plants in the billabong creates a habitat for fish, frogs, insects and visiting birds. In-ground rainwater tanks sustain the swimming pool.

Canary Island Palms have been used strategically to offer privacy and seclusion. The outdoor entertaining area is planted with olives, herbs and citrus - grouping all high water usage plants in one area for more efficient watering and management.

This landscape was part of the 2009/2010 Open Garden scheme.