Olinda, Victoria
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"Four species of frogs, kookaburras, robins, lyre birds, king parrots, rosellas, wallabies, wombats, echidnas, lizards & more than 95 types of native & indigenous plants are just some of the other species who call our Olinda property home."

Olinda is in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges in Victoria – an area known equally for its beauty, and for being heavily drought affected and fire prone. Our completely sustainable display property has been designed to work within these constraints. Water capture and conservation is what the property does best. Aside from being a magical place to just sit and coexist with nature.

Combining run off water from the roof, driveway and billabongs with annual rainfall in the area, a total of 918,000 litres of water lands on this site each year.

Olinda has the ability to store 190,000 litres of this water. Water authorities estimate that a property of this size, occupied by three people using water wisely, requires 144,540 litres annually. Whilst neighbouring properties dry out, Olinda has excess water on site.

Our incredibly effective water capture system includes two x 75,000 litre billabongs, two x 27,500 litre water tanks and an additional12,000 litre fire tank.This network of water also connects to a fire-suppression system – covering all dwellings on the property in a wall of water. The system can be accessed remotely.

Olinda is not connected to mains water. It’s also solar powered.

Olinda showcases the true possibilities in sustainable landscape design for the 21st century and beyond.

Phil describes it as his research laboratory.

2010 – Garden Guru’s
2009 – 9am with David & Kim
2007 – “Australia's Best Backyards” Grand Finalists

2007 - Save Water Award Winner for the Garden Management Category
2007 - Save Water Award Nomination for the Built Environment Category
2007 - LIAV Award Winner of Water Wise Category
2007 - LIAV Award Winner over $100,000 Residential
Part of the Open Garden Scheme 2009/2010
2010 – Finalist Premier’s Sustainability Awards, Victoria – Built Environment Category