Wonga Park, Victoria - before redevelopment
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WONGA PARK LAKE REDEVELOPMENT: The centerpiece of this majestic garden is the stunning lake, which was re-designed and constructed recently by Phillip Johnson Landscapes.  Previously an unkempt dam, the lake now functions as a billabong and is home to a thriving frog community and an abundance of water lilies.

"The garden beds surrounding the lake are structured around boulders and have been filled with native grasses and hundreds of kangaroo paw plants, injecting reds and yellows into the scene,” Phillip explained.

“The jetty is suspended over the lake, making it an ideal place to marvel at the views over the Yarra Valley and listen to the rock waterfall. Stepping-stones at one end give you an opportunity to walk out over the water, as well as adding a point of interest and elegance.”

Phillip Johnson Landscapes blended the re-design of the lake element of the landscape with the more formal and structured design of Jim Fogerty - who previously landscaped other parts of the garden.

The two very different styles blend perfectly in the end result. Watch the time-lapse video to see the transformation.