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Mid sized properties

This stunning landscape was built to not only complement the new house, but also to provide a safe and fun environment for the clients two young children. The landscape evokes the surrounding bush without using just indigenous plants - it allowed us to use more showy plant varieties like kangaroo paw.

Stage three of the landscape was recently completed featuring a large billabong, which has taken over as the centerpiece for the garden. This is surrounded by large rocks, providing the perfect spot to sit and watch the water flow over the rocks of the waterfall, as well as offering the family cat a nice place to soak up the sun!

The lowest portion of the garden has been turned into an adventurous play area for the children and encompasses a bicycle track, large lawn, trampoline, and sandpit.  This level is also the new home of the kitchen garden, which consists of a series of beautiful timber vegetable beds.

Overall, this landscape has been transformed into a beautiful and functional space with ample places for children to explore, play and grow with their surroundings.