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Mid sized properties

The back garden of this property in Blackburn is structured around a stunning natural pool. The prominent gorge, with its cascading waterfalls reminiscent of The Kimberleys, overlooks the pool and surrounds the swimmer with the soothing sound of falling water. The gorge also features a special naturally formed concave rock that acts as an interesting waterfall and also as a cooling place to recline by the pool.

A large timber deck looks out over the water of the pool and is the perfect place to entertain guests in the summer. It also leads to a set of stepping stones that meander across the pool, separating the swimming area from the natural filtration zone which keeps the water clean and clear without the use of harsh chemicals.

A set of stone stairs lead down from here to a gravel path, which takes visitors on a journey around the pool. Planted around the path is a stunning array of vibrant local flora which brings both colour and intrigue to this unique location, befitting of the existing character of Blackburn.