Brighton, Victoria - Natural Pool
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Mid sized properties

This beautiful landscape begins at the very front of the home, it merges with the streetscape, inviting people to experience its beauty before entering and allowing the architecture of the house to draw people in.
The side and rear gardens serve as extensions of the internal living spaces: the large, curving deck provides space for long Sunday lunches in summer; the warm northern courtyard is more protected for entertaining in winter; and the chemical-free Natural Pool provides a cool haven for people, frogs and fish.
Sustainability is a focus of the garden: both the lush, fern-filled southern courtyard and its bright, productive northern companion are filled with foliage that cools the air entering the house and provide instant, living pictures of nature. Veggie patches, bushfood plants and fruit trees supply not only food but also the satisfaction of “growing your own”, as well as educational opportunities for residents and neighbours.
This landscape provides something for everyone to observe, enjoy and engage with.