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Mid sized properties

Completed in 2013, the previously vacant and concrete-exposed pool area of this property in Warranwood, has been completely transformed into a naturally beautiful and functional space.

Large rocky steps provide a grand entrance to the pool area from the rest of the garden, their sharp angles softened by the pretty Brachyscome multifida & Arthropodium strictum planted amongst them.

Sunny mornings can now be spent with a cup of coffee, lounging by the pool on the handcrafted drystone wall or the large boulders that have been placed alongside the waters edge.

The owners have also added their own personal touch to the space by requesting that small fossilised shells, collected over time, be inserted in amongst the crazy paving that surrounds the area.

Outside the fenced area, a stepping stone path complete with recycled timber bridge, meanders through the garden beds to a dry creek that captures the water that runs off the lawn.

This Warranwood pool area is now so much more than a place to cool off in the summer. It is a place for the whole family to spend time together, relaxing and enjoying the beauty of nature.