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Shows & Exhibitions

EQUILIBRIUM was a landmark collaboration between the Victorian Government, State water authorities and Phillip Johnson Landscapes to produce an educational display aiming to inspire local communities to rethink the way they design and sustain their gardens through “community water management”.

EQUILIBRIUM contrasted two gardens of equal size. One being a typical, everyday Australian backyard covered in concrete, uses high water use plants, and has water sources leading to stormwater drains.

The other was a sustainable landscape where the design centres on water collection and conservation – and going one step further, looked at interlinking neighbouring backyards to create “water and habitat corridors” meaning none of the gardens need to be reliant on mains – and precious drinking – water. Another idea also promoted by this educational garden was “urban farming” in local communities, where neighbouring backyards each grow different fruit and vegetables so produce can be shared.

EQUILIBRIUM won Gold in the Show Garden category and the Ford Sustainability Award at MIFGS.