Title Construction

We're flexible in our approach to construction. You can choose either a staged approach that works with your lifestyle or budget considerations; or we can complete the landscape in one phase. We tailor a systematic approach that works for you.

Many clients ask how long the construction period will take. The answer to this depends entirely on the inherent design and size of your landscape.

We're the leaders in sustainable landscape design not only because of our innovative ideas and sustainable principles, but also because of the quality of our work and our exacting construction standards. One of our lead designers is involved throughout the construction phase of your landscape, and our entire team comprises direct Phillip Johnson employees. We don't involve sub-contractors in the construction of our projects. We maintain impeccable quality standards in the realisation of your dream outdoor space.

We use only the best materials' sourced within a 100km radius wherever possible. Our site managers are highly skilled, and will be available to you at all times. They're on hand daily to talk through outcomes and to ensure we're meeting your design requirements.