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Would you like to work with us to produce a design and also have one of our skilled landscaping teams construct it for you? We will provide a consultation, design and then work with you to move into construction at a time and with a budget that works for you.

This all begins with the Design Proposal that you are left with at the end of the consultation. Have a read through it and then call us and we can discuss, and work with you to agree on the best option for you and your space.

We then enter into the design phase, the most critical step in our process, where your project is allocated to one of our Landscape Architects who is best suited to your individual project. They will work with you throughout this process in the following stages:

Stage 1 Site Analysis

We complete a thorough site inspection, which includes:
  • Site measurements/offsets or survey plan
  • Obtain any existing site plans & house plans
  • Obtain records of existing services, gas, electrical, water etc
  • Identify opportunities & constraints of the site
  • Preparation of a scaled base plan drawing

Stage 2 Design Workshop

We integrate all the information from your brief and Stage 1 into a preliminary working drawing that illustrates:

  • Location of hard and soft landscape surfaces
  • Location of water features
  • Location of driveways & paths
  • Location of utility areas
  • Location of garden beds
  • Other areas of significance to the overall concept.
  • The working drawing is then presented at the PJL studio in Camberwell.

Stage 3 Schematic Design & Quotation

  • PJL integrates the information and feedback from stages 1 & 2 into a revised Schematic Design
  • PJL prepares a Schematic Design
  • PJL prepares a sample plant palette
  • PJL prepares and presents an itemised construction quotation based on the schematic design

Completion of the Design steps sees you receive a copy of your Schematic Design and a full construction estimate. You're now ready to consider your options and move into Construction, where one of our Site Managers will be in contact with you for the entire build process to answer questions. Your Landscape Architect will also remain involved throughout construction, maintaining communication, integrity and clarity and providing excellent quality assurance.


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